Health & Wellbeing Manager


Andrew Is a registered dietitian and chef who has worked in food service since he was 15 years old. He studied culinary arts at North Idaho College before later going on to pursue his degree in nutrition at the university of Idaho. Having spent time as a clinical dietitian in a hospital setting as well as a diet and fitness counselor in Idaho, helping people find their way to a healthier life has always been a professional passion. As a lifelong student of food science and culinary arts, Andrew enjoys spending time experimenting in the kitchen; making cheese, fermenting hot sauces, baking sourdough bread, and exploring other new techniques and recipes. He is most excited for the opportunity to share these interests and passions with others.

Andrew works closely with the culinary team and management staff to ensure a variety of nutrient-dense food options are available across campus each and every day. Healthy dining options are vital for overall well-being and nourishing the campus community is our top priority.

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