Health & Wellness

This is our philosophy.

It’s simple. We believe that well being is universal. So our commitment is to help you power your life on campus with good food and a dining program that makes it easy for you to eat right.

It’s why we have healthy and wholesome choices available every day and it’s why we have nutrition and wellness programs that help take some of the mystery out of healthy living.

Check out information about our Menus, Nutrition Information, and Culinary Commitments!

Health & Wellbeing Manager

Our Health and Wellbeing Manager is available to provide guidance and nutrition counseling for those with additional nutritional needs to help foster a healthy lifestyle here on campus. We can aid guest with dietary allergies or preferences as well, and provide individual and group nutrition tours to familiarize the campus community with the dining opportunities. We also offer specialized presentations and tabling events throughout the year to promote awareness between nutrition and healthy living.

menu information

Our menu selections are developed and evaluated by our culinary experts, as well as our Health and Wellbeing teams. These menus are displayed both on our dining website with nutritional and allergen information. Learn more about how we display this information to our guests!

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