Ozzi To-Go Containers

why we reuse

Redlands Dining is proud to support and encourage environmentally conscious habits on campus, and OZZI reusable Containers is part of our ongoing effort to reduce waste from single-use products. OZZI is changing the world from disposable to reusable; one meal at a time. Replacing single-use compostable to-go boxes with Green To-Go’s eliminates the resource and energy costs associated with processing tens of thousands of single-use containers annually and avoids the additional concern of improper disposal contributing to landfill waste.

how to reuse

The OZZI Solution is a closed-loop system that starts with an OZZI “O2GO” container by a one-time purchase.  These containers can be purchase at The Table in the Irvine Commons. You will then fill your container with food and eat in or take their meal to go.

Once you are done with the meal, the used O2GO container is returned to an OZZI machine located in the front entryway of The Table. At this point, the container is dropped into a collection cart. You be issued a token that can be used later to receive a new container.

Reusable OZZI Containers are available for a one-time purchase of $5!