Meal Plan FAQs

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What is an All-You-Care-to-Eat Meal?

An All-You-Care-to-Eat-Meal is just that! Utilize The Table at Irvine Commons just as you would your personal kitchen. Stop in to enjoy a meal with your friends, or grab a hot meal to-go. Once you swipe your card you can enjoy an All-You-Care-to-Eat-Meal without having to worry about budgeting for individual dishes.

What are Weekly Plans?

Weekly Plans come with a set number of weekly meals that can be used in two different ways. They can be used at The Table at Irvine Commons as an All-You-Care-to-Eat Meal or a select number of meals per week can be used as a Meal Exchange at certain on-campus retail dining locations. Weekly meals refresh each week, but do not rollover week to week. What’s a Meal Exchange? Don’t worry, we’ll explain!

If I have a Weekly Meal Plan, do unused All-You-Care-to-Eat meal swipes roll over to the next week?

In this type of plan, each week begins with the same set number of All-You-Care-to-Eat meals available to you. Unused meal swipes do not roll over from week to week.

What are Block Plans?

Block Plans have a set number of meals that can be used throughout the year. They can also be used both as All You Care to Eat Meals at The Table at Irvine Commons or as Meal Exchanges at select on-campus retail dining locations. Instead of being distributed weekly, these meals are distributed at the beginning of each semester, and can be used throughout the year. These Block Plans expire at the end of the year, before May Term begins.

What are Meal Exchanges?

A Meal Exchange is a set retail combo that can be used at certain on-campus dining locations. You can typically get an entrée, side, and drink. Select dining locations on-campus offer Meal Exchange, so variety abounds!

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars** are included in your meal plan, and even though you no longer have to worry about spending these dollars at our All-You-Care-to-Eat dining location, The Table at Irvine Commons, you may still want a snack or a cup of coffee at one of our campus dining locations. Dining Dollars are perfect for this type of purchase, allowing you to save your Meal Exchanges for full meals at our dining locations. Dining Dollars roll over between semesters, but expire at the end of the Spring semester. These dollars are built into the price of your plan.

How can I add more Dining Dollars? What is DCB?

Dining dollars are included with each plan and cannot be added to. However, a separate tender known as Declining Balance, or DCB for short, can be added at any time of the year and they never expire. You can add DCB right here on the website, or you can visit the dining office located in the commons. Whenever you add more than $100 to your card you also will receive a 10% bonus in DCB!

Why is my receipt showing I have fewer swipes than I should?

Our system breaks swipes into regular meal swipes and meal exchanges. Each weekly plan has 7 meal exchanges. So if you have the Weekly 19 at the beginning of the week you will have a total of 12 board swipes and 7 board meal exchanges. If you ever would like confirmation of your remaining swipes or balance for dining dollars you can stop by the dining office in The Table!

Where do I replace my lost ID card?

If you have lost your ID card you can replace it with Student Affairs. Their office is located on the second floor of Hunsaker. They can be reached at (909)-748-8053, and are open weekdays from 8:00am – 5:00pm

If I’m in a hurry, can I get carry out at The Table at Irvine Commons?

Yes, you can get a to-go box instead of dining on-site at The Table.

What food venues will be available on-campus when students arrive in the Fall?
  • The Table at Irvine Commons
  • Launch | A Test and Guest Kitchen, a new offering that opened in Spring 2020; this space hosts guest chefs, vendors and student workshops.
  • The Den at Redlands, a casual eatery adjacent to Hunsaker Plaza next to Colton Avenue.
  • Bulldog Java & Juice (temporarily closed)
Are there requirements for certain Meal Plans?

Students Living on Campus

If you are a student living on campus, you are required at minimum to have the 10 Meals per Week Plan.

Students Living in Campus Houses or Apartments

If you are a student living in campus houses or apartments, you are required at minimum to have the 100 Block Plan.

The 75 Block Plan

The 75 Block Plan is for off campus students only.

May Term Plan

The May Term Plan is required for all students living on campus enrolled in a full four-week May Term course.

What are some important dates to keep in mind?

Fall Semester

  • Fall semester meal plans begin with brunch on August 25. This means if you have permission to return to campus prior to Sunday, September 6 and you are not part of a sponsored group of early arrivals (new first-year students, NCAA student athletes, orientation leaders, etc.), you should be prepared to pay cash or credit when dining on-campus until the official meal plan period begins.
  • Dinner on November 24 is the last meal served as part of fall semester meal plans.

Spring Semester

  • Spring semester meal plans will begin with dinner on Sunday, January 17, 2021. This means if you have permission to return to campus prior to the dinner hours on Sunday, January 17, and your are not a member of a sponsored group, you will need to pay cash or credit when dining on-campus until the meal plan starts.
  • Lunch on May 1, 2021 is the last meal served as part of spring term meal plans.

What is the plan for Spring Break?

  • Limited service will be available the week of Spring Break.  Locations will remain open on a limited capacity. However,meal plan swipes will not be accepted over the break. Dining dollars, cash and credit will still be accepted.
  • Dining Dollars remaining at the end of the spring semester will expire 

May Term

  • May Term plans will begin with dinner on Sunday, May 9, 2021. The final meal at The Table will be lunch on Thursday, June 5, 2021. To accommodate the communities who will still be on campus that Friday, May 2, 2021 we will have retail locations open until 2 P.M to accept meal exchanges, Dining Dollars, and DCB. Any remaining Dining Dollars expire that day at 5 p.m.

How long do I have to adjust my meal plan for the semester?

  • Final meal plan selections must be made by the first Friday after classes begin each semester.  No changes will be permitted after that date.
Can I switch meal plans between semesters?

Yes, there will be a period in the late fall when you will be able to change your plan for the spring semester using MyRedlands Housing Portal. This period ends the first Friday after classes begin.

Are guests allowed to eat in The Table at Irvine Commons? Can I host guests using meal swipes or Dining Dollars?

Guests are certainly welcomed to eat at all dining venues, including The Table at Irvine Commons. Meal swipes cannot be used for guests to gain entry to The Table at Irvine Commons; however, Dining Dollars, cash, and credit are accepted.

What are door rates for The Table at Irvine Commons?

Walk-up prices for guests at The Table are:

  • Breakfast: $11.95
  • Lunch: $13.95
  • Dinner: $13.95
Will food options address the needs of those who have allergies, special dietary preferences, and/or dietary restrictions?

Harvest Table Culinary Group at Redlands is committed to the unique dietary needs of our guests. Made without gluten, vegan, and vegetarian options will always be available, there will be interactive technology to guide healthy choices, and food options will be labeled. Camila Kafie, our dietitian is a member of our team, and works closely with our chefs and directors.

What if I need to be on campus outside these dates as part of my Bulldog varsity athletic activities?

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics will manage meal plans for student-athletes required to be on campus outside of the meal plan dates noted above—early arrival fall student-athletes on campus prior to September 6, 2019; winter sport student-athletes remaining on campus during the winter holiday break; and spring sport student-athletes remaining on campus after April 18, 2020. Specific information will be provided to team members at the appropriate time.

What food service will be available over school breaks for other students staying on campus?

Limited service will be available during Study Days and Spring Break. Thanksgiving week will include some days of limited service and some days when all venues will be closed. Although no meal plans are active over May Break, the week between the end of spring semester and the beginning of May Term, there will be limited service at The Table, and The Den will be open throughout the day for those seeking meals for purchase with DCB, cash, or credit cards. Details will be shared at the start of each semester so students can plan accordingly.